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Stigma Subcommittee

The Stigma subcommittee's overall goal is to reduce the stigma of mental illness and substance abuse in Sheboygan County. 

Tips for Reducing Stigma
Source:  WISE
Help us spread the word that mental illness is real and it’s treatable. Here are six ways you can help end the stigma of mental illness:

  1. Seek out people with lived experience. Listen to their story.
  2. Reinforce and support stories of resilience and recovery.
  3. Wear lime green to create curiosity. Be prepared to speak up.
  4. Consider a story you can tell about recovery.
  5. Share others’ stories. Visit rogersinhealth.org.
  6. Bring the conversation into your communities: work, civic, faith, schools.

Ways in which our committee is addressing the issue of stigma in our community include:

  • Coordinating a community-wide mental health and alcohol and drug abuse resource fair for Sheboygan County. Stay tuned for details for the next fair in May 2016.
  • Supporting efforts of May as Mental Health Month and September as Recovery Month. Visit our 'events' page to learn about events.
  • Writing and publishing stories of recovery and hope in local newspapers 
  • Working with WISE, Wisconsin's Initiative for Stigma Elimination to bring evidence, research based protocols, programs, and initiatives to Sheboygan County's businesses, schools, and overall community.