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Living Every Day As If It Were Your Last

When: April 25 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: UW Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus, University Theatre

Stories of people at the end of their lives have a way of grounding us into being honest with ourselves and clarifying what matters most. Why does it sometimes take an end-of-life story to help us see a better way to live?

In this talk, we will explore the hopeful trends and last acts we sometimes see as people die, discuss what we can learn from the clarifying experiences of people with limited time, and consider how we can all get better at living our lives in a way that honors these lessons, and starts more end of life conversations.

All are welcome to attend this FREE event. Reservations are appreciated. To reserve, please call Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice at 920-467-1800, tollfree at 866-467-2011 or email community@ssrhospicehome.org.

Guest speaker, Kathleen Taylor, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, healthcare consultant, and communication coach who has worked in end-of-life care for nearly 25 years, and finds it a never-ending source of inspiration. She has delivered a variety of presentations, workshops, and professional trainings, including a TEDx talk, which has become the “most watched” TEDxTampaBay video (so far).

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