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1993 - On May 27, 1993, Healthy Sheboygan County 2000 was launched as a campaign to make the county healthier by the year 2000.

This included pulling together fragmented programs and rival hospitals and blending the missions of the public and private sector.

The Administrator of our state division of health said at the 1994 annual meeting “We have to have healthy people in our state to have a healthy future (with Healthy Sheboygan County 2000). You are in a position to make a difference. I will make this commitment to you. I will go back and tell the governor what is happening in Sheboygan County. I know you will see results by this time next year.”

1993-2022 - Since 1993, Healthy Sheboygan County has collected community level data and implemented a new Community Health Improvement Plan every three years. We have worked to improve the overall health of Sheboygan County residents with focus on topics such as:


Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Physical Activity
Health Literacy
Health Equity