County Benefits From Community Activities

We are very lucky in Sheboygan County to have educational, recreational and family opportunities available through many groups like community education and recreation programs, nonprofit groups, hospitals, fitness facilities and more. Often these different groups end up joining forces to offer some amazing program options for enhancing health and wellbeing for everyone from babies to seniors.

One area I want to shine more light on is community education and recreation. Recreation departments can be run through school districts or through the city or village itself. No matter who runs the programs, community education and recreation programs are focused on coordinating available resources to create chances for personal and collective growth.

Community education and recreation programs serve the needs of not just the immediate city they are in, but nearby areas as well. Even if you do not live right in the city, you can still sign up for classes that interest you. Community education and recreation programs cater to all ages, interests and skills. These programs are available for those 6 weeks of age, such as childcare, through seniors enjoying a water walking class.

Community education and recreation programs also include opportunities that serve the diverse needs of community members. Plymouth Community Education and Recreation partners with Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) to offer opportunities for people to enhance skills, like learning Spanish, or fine tuning their computer skills, as well as programs that are designed for people who are interested in gaining job skills.

Community education and recreation departments also offer a wide variety of programs for community members who have social or health needs. And of course, there are classes for people who simply want stimulation and enrichment, a favorite leisure activity and lifelong learning.

If you are interested in getting started with something new, but you are unsure if you will like it, there are chances in which you can try a new class through a recreation program first at an affordable price before you buy any equipment for your home, or make a larger investment elsewhere. Even if a class is in progress, many times you can still join, or at least sit in on a session to see what it is all about.

If you want to learn new skills, without having to go back to school, meet others in your community who have similar hobbies, and involve the whole family at a cost-effective price, the community education and recreation are what you are looking for.

Below are just a few local offerings:

Sheboygan Area School District Community Recreation:

❚ Swimming Lessons

❚ Water Power Aerobics

❚ Step Abs and Arms

❚ Dance Express

❚ Body Recharge

❚ Yoga Basics

❚ Youth athletics (tennis, baseball, etc.)

❚ Youth activities (fishing clinic, weaving for adults and children, etc.)

❚ Adult sports (tennis)

❚ Preschool and Child Care

Plymouth Joint School District Community Education and Recreation:

❚ Dog Obedience

❚ Aquatics Classes

❚ Worm Composting Workshop

❚ Les Mills BodyPump and other Fitness Options

❚ Wellness Coaching for a Healthier You

❚ Family Play Groups

❚ Kayaking

❚ Meditation for Beginners

❚ Community Conversations (Aging Parents)

❚ Free Family Friendly Movies For more details, please visit the sites below:

❚ Sheboygan Area School District Community Recreation Department: // recreation/

❚ Plymouth School District Community Education and Recreation Department: // COM

❚ Sheboygan Falls School District Recreation Department: //

❚ Village of Kohler Recreation Department: //recreation.kohler Carly Lenz, CWP, is director of wellness and Jamie Piontkowski is communications coordinator for Plymouth School District’s Community Education and Recreation Program.