Archive: Jan 27, 2016, 12:00 AM

Help is available if you need it

Do you find yourself struggling? Do you feel like you’re alone in a black hole? Are you drowning in financial challenges? I was, too, and I am relieved to say there is hope, and there is a way out. As a teenager, I lacked self-esteem and confidence — I never felt like I fit in. I played in the band, but was too nervous to perform. I enjoyed reading and had a photographic memory, but still couldn’t concentrate on tests. In college, I had difficulty sleeping. I forced myself into social situations, but never felt comfortable. A neck injury from a car accident led to years of chronic pain and even less enjoyment in life. Shortly after graduating and getting married, I contracted Lyme disease. The infection in my brain further intensified my headaches and impaired my thought processes. My words would jumble, and I would see things that weren’t really there. Ultimately, it would keep me from balancing my own checkbook and limit me from driving.

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