Archive: Apr 6, 2016, 12:00 AM

Consider attending Honoring Your Wishes

Consider the following scenarios — which would you rather be in: Scenario 1: “I can’t believe this is happening. My 26-year-old-daughter was in a car accident last week and has a severe head injury. She remains in the hospital, is very confused and can hardly talk. She needs physical help 24 hours a day and may need more surgery. Thank goodness we completed a Power of Attorney for Health Care last year that allows me to make her health care decisions, consent to treatments and make placement decisions for her. When she completed her POA-HC, we talked about what type of care and treatment she would want or would not want if anything serious happened. I know what her wishes are and this is a comfort at this difficult time.” Scenario 2: “Last year, a friend’s son fell out of his tree stand. He also had a brain injury along with severe physical injuries. He had not completed a POA-HC document and my friend had to go to court and be appointed as his guardian in order for her to make his health care decisions. She did not have a conversation with her son and did not know what he would have wanted. With everything going on, I am so thankful we planned ahead.”

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