Archive: Jul 10, 2018, 12:00 AM

Healthful Bites Can Be on Any Budget

Having a budget can add a challenge to grocery shopping. If you track how much your household spends on food, you may notice how quickly the costs add up. No matter your budget, big or small, there is no need to sacrifice nutrition for a good price. Using a few simple strategies, eating healthful and tasty meals does not have to cost a fortune. 

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Health Literacy Tips

How often do you scroll through a website or social media and click on a post written about health or wellness? With the internet at our fingertips health information is only a click away. Reading online can make staying up-to-date and healthy easier, but how do we know if we can trust what we read? Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is true. No matter what I am reading, I always ask myself these three questions to help me find out if I can trust what the post says.

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