If you’re active, winter can feel good

Winter is often defined as the “colder half of the year; a period of inactivity or decay.” Please don’t let this be true for you or your family. Don’t let winter stop all the positive physical activity and healthy eating progress made during spring, summer and fall. Let’s continue leading healthy and active lifestyles through winter:

» Put on the appropriate clothes and go outside to just play in the snow (sunscreen still recommended)

» Build a snowperson, go sledding, crosscountry skiing or snowshoeing, or just take a walk

» Play follow the leader, or hop, skip, jump or run around the yard (remember to drink water while active, even in winter)

» Find the soccer ball and hula hoops, and set up for a game of “snow soccer golf”

» Make a trail in the yard and walk like a duck, bunny, frog or even slither like a snake

» On sub-zero days, put on some old socks and skate through the kitchen or use the summer Frisbees to slide around a carpeted room » Make flexible alphabet shapes with your body while lying on the floor. (Then add a test: “What activity or healthy food does that letter represent?”)

» Watch a family movie and have some popcorn and hot chocolate. But be sure to take an intermission and get up and move together

» Go to a store and shop for a “toy” or “food drive” items for a family in need

» Find a recipe for a healthy snack and make one to take along outside

» When it warms up a bit, go back outside and experience the places you go during the summer (like the beach, Bookworm Gardens, the library or the museum)

» Keep eating those whole grains, fruits and veggies.

» Remember to limit screen time and stay active Even winter can “feel good” if we try to be active.

Kris Fritz is a physical educator, Early Learning Center PE teacher and Healthy Sheboygan County 2020 SCAN(SheboyganCounty Activity and Nutrition Coalition) member.