Parents, don’t forget vaccinations before school starts

Parents, don’t forget vaccinations before school starts

Now is the time to make those needed appointments to prepare your child for the next school year!

Children entering preschool, kindergarten, and 6th grade have vaccine school requirements for their grade levels. Avoid the “endof- August-rush” by calling your health care provider today to make an appointment. Your child will then be protected before school starts.

Vaccines are required by school law to protect your child and other classmates from vaccine preventable diseases. Many of these diseases are still present in our community. One of these diseases is whooping cough. In 2016, Sheboygan County had 21 individuals with whooping cough diagnosed by a provider. When a child is sick, they will need to stay home from school. Vaccines can prevent your child from catching this disease.

School-aged kids can get vaccines at their local clinic. Kids 6 years and older can also get their vaccines at the local pharmacy. For families with lower incomes, no insurance, or with Badger Care insurance, Lakeshore Community Health Center is another place to go. Most insurance covers the costs of vaccines needed for school. It is a benefit of the Affordable Health Care Act.

If you are unsure if your child is up-to-date with vaccinations, you can view their record online. The Wisconsin Immunization Registry is used by most clinics and pharmacies. Their webpage is: https:// ?language=en. You can also contact your provider to get a copy of your child’s record.

Having a medical provider is important for when your child is well and when he or she is not feeling well. Annual checkups also give the opportunity for the provider to get to know your child. If you are new to the area or are looking for a provider, please contact the Sheboygan County Department of Health and Human Services (also known as Division of Public Health) nurse on duty at 920-459-3031 or 920-459-4382 for assistance.

Pick up the phone and make an appointment today for a checkup and vaccines with your child’s provider.

Cindy VanderWeele, RN, BSN is the Sheboygan County Immunization Coalition co-chairman, and a Public Health nurse for the Sheboygan County Division of Public Health.