Sheboygan County Horizon4Girls Announces Jan. as National Mentoring Month

Sheboygan County Horizon4Girl staff speak with parents and family members daily and are often asked for a magic potion. How do we improve school attendance, academic achievement, promote responsible decision making, and provide skills to better navigate relationships at school, socially and at home? Let’s take a step into the lab and see what we can whip up.

Sorry, not that easy. But Horizons4Girls does have a proven solution.

In our sixth school year of providing certified mentors to students throughout Sheboygan County, we can brag about our 100 percent high school graduation for students that stay engaged in our programming. We are proud to celebrate with other mentoring programs in the nation that the month of January is National Mentoring Month.

Sheboygan County Horizon4Girls volunteer mentor training includes Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, Probational & Parole, Trauma Informed Care, Poverty Simulations, Mindfulness, AD/HD, Suicide Prevention, Autism, Motivational Interviewing, Strengthening Families, SBIRT, Art of Counseling, PBIS, Animal Assisted Therapy, Cooking Matters, 40 Development Assets.

These volunteer mentor training sessions help a100 percent volunteer staff as they work with ‘at promise’ (At Promise Youth shows the raw potential that everyone can access within themselves if treated with promise) middle and high school youth. This is done by caring adults as they develop relationships with our youth. Our volunteer mentors express care by being present and warm.

Volunteer mentors commit time and energy to the students, showing interest and being dependable. The mentors challenge growth, inspiring youth and expecting them to stretch while staying within limits that are set. Mentors provide support while they encourage, guide, model and advocate our youth. They share power with our youth, showing respect, giving them voice, responding to them and collaborating with them.

And finally, mentors expand possibilities, helping youth explore, connect and navigate. Mentors come from many walks of life, some college students, some retired, working weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Mentors are trained and have an option to pursue certification. Sound interesting? Whether interested in mentoring, or referring a student to the program, visit horizons4girls. com.

Take that step — be a hero, be a mentor. Remember, someone probably took the time and was a mentor to you!


Char Pachniak is the Founder and CEO of Horizons4Girls in Sheboygan County